Recomendaciones / Recomendations

These guys are DEADSET CHAMPIONS. Best tour group. "Fuck shit up". Joely Outta controlly
- Aussie & Bolivian Amigos. FAIR DINKUM! 23/04/11

Shitting my pants before going but pedro made me do it.. Not as scary as Lonely Planet makes it out! Do it just for Pedro and Wilson as your guides.
¡Gente que sabe lo que hace! Explosive highfives to Wilson, Pedro, Rolo and Efra!
- From the three Danamytes

Une expérience intense et inoubliable! Une équipe geniale, faites leurconfiance les yeux fermés.
- Les Toblerones de Suisse, Sarah & Greg

Espectacular experience, el tour super "champu"
- Xime, Sole, Gorda, Paul (Argentina)

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  1. One of the experiences we will remember in our lifetimes: not only the time spent in the mine, but also the rich discusussions on the pride of the Potosi miners was thought-provoking...
    The Big Deal Tours will - unlike the other agencies - offer you a diffrent picture on what mining in Potosi all about!
    El queso Suizo (Sarah y Martina)

  2. It was an interesting tour:

  3. Hola,
    great tour today. Thanks to our guide "Rey Leon". Already given feedback on Tripdadvisor. Will also publish a blog post (in German) here :

  4. Hello,
    We had an exceptional tour with Wilson!
    The best guide of Potosi.
    Thank you my friend.

    Raph & Morgane (Suiza)