domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Macha Tour

Join us at the REAl DEAL and experience first hand the heart of Bolivian Culture at the Macha Festival: Fiesta de la Cruz, with EXCLUSIVE access on the Eve of the three day festival. Arrive before the other tourists ONLY with us!

Day One:  Community Town
Participate in the preparations and initiation of the festival where you will witness the sacrifice of llamas, traditional dances, distribution of musical instruments and where you can genuinely feel involved and part of the community. The celebrations continue through the night, with volcanic soup and super strength alcohol! 

Day Two:  Community Town
Start the day with traditionally cooked food from ovens in the ground (Wathia). You won’t go hungry as all the local families are keen to show off  and offer their cooking to the visitors.  Watch how the community get ready with their elaborate traditional costumes to go to their  local church service.  In this town, you will be welcomed and be able to see ‘up close and personal’ how the families prepare the festivities before heading to Macha., where all the communities culminate. In the afternoon you will travel to Macha and by nightfall watch the arrival of the first communities.

Day Three: Macha
Get up to a “fighting start” in the morning as all the traditional fights begin between the two main communities – the highlanders and the lowlanders - whose rivalry dates back for centuries. Alongside the fighting, the competition continues through music and  dancing to see who can outshine the rest.
Later you can go up to a mirador to see the crowds arriving from afar.

Day Four: Return to Potosi
Set off early from Macha towards Potosi, but with a stop off at the Hot Springs in Tarapaya to relax after all the intense partying!

This trip runs ONCE A YEAR ONLY!

For more information contact us at
THE REAL DEAL calle Bustillos 1092 esq. Ayacucho
Cel: 71835516  - 72384102
Tel: 62 25840

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